General information about the INCREASE project

INCREASE (INnovation Capacity building foR EnhAncing Sustainable growth and Employability) is a direct response to reported employment risk of automation and SME constraints in providing innovation and ensuring innovation strategy sustainability.

To realize its objectives, INCREASE will provide an open user-oriented development path that will allow for the development of innovation skills among low-skilled adults and to increase the capacity of SMEs for inclusive innovation. INCREASE specifically aims at upskilling low-skilled adults from non-R&D SMEs at high risk of automation, through the development, testing and delivery of targeted methodology and integrated online digital tools. The project concentrates on skills development programs in the area of innovation that will suit individual needs of low-skilled Europeans, facilitate their access to upskilling pathways and increase the human resources poll with innovation capacities. In this way the project is expected to provide a solution for increasing employability of low-skilled adults at automation risk. Further, by supporting SMEs in overcoming innovation barriers INCREASE is expected to contribute to increasing innovativeness and competitiveness of SMEs.

Objective and aims

The main objective is to support low-skilled adults at the risk of automation in increasing their employability and SMEs with low R&D intensity in increasing their innovative capacity.

INCREASE aims at:

  • Providing non-R&D employees with understanding how to contribute to innovation and relevant innovation skills.
  • Building awareness of non-R&D employees of the importance of innovation and related skills for their professional growth and employability.
  • Developing innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set among non-R&D staff.
  • Building awareness of SME managers of the importance of building innovation capacities among non- R&D staff and how to integrate them in innovation processes.